The Study The Blockchain's online bootcamp has helped people from all over the world acheive success in the Blockchain space. Read their stories below.

StudytheBlockchain is a phenomenal online blockchain course with articulate instructors who will teach you what blockchain is, how write your own Ethereum smart contracts, and how to develop your own dapps (decentralized apps). StudytheBlockchain really helped me take my career to the next level, and for that I am quite thankful!
Nick West
  • Nick West
  • Distributed Systems Engineer, The University of Hong Kong
  • StudyTheBlockchain May 2018 Graduate
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This class will give you the resources and steps to be a successful blockchain developer. Want to start a blockchain start up instead? This class is for you as well. It's the fundamentals that you'll learn that will prepare you for a successful journey in the blockchain field. Technologies I learned are web3, OpenZepplin, Smart Contract, IPFS, Truffle, Javascript and more. Bonus: There was a class that we had an lawyer presented to us the legal structure of ICO, which exceed my expectation of the class contents that I thought I would received.
Simon Nguyen
  • Simon Nguyen
  • Founder of AcceptMyCrypto.com
  • Combat Medic of the US National Guard
  • StudyTheBlockchain May 2018 Graduate
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Mario Bajric Review
The class was a great experience: the more you put, the more you will get out of it. The teacher is highly devoted to promptly answer to any questions during class and to do one on ones. Great professionalism and passion for the subject make this class unique. Highly recommended.
Hans Paul
  • Hans Paul
  • Winner of the Stanford University IDEAS Blockchain Hackathon
  • Co-Founder and CEO at iovado.com (raised over $75k on indiegogo)
  • StudyTheBlockchain May 2018 Graduate
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Rich Budek Review
Study the Blockchain is a challenging, affordable, and intensive course. You should definitely have some knowledge of Web Development & JavaScript before signing up because the instructor dives right into the material. In the second class you are already writing smart contracts in Solidity, using Ganache as a local Ethereum network during development, and using MetaMask to approve transactions. The instructor challenges each student by asking direct questions to make sure everyone in the class understands the material before moving onto the next topic. The instructor also breaks the class up into small group sessions multiple times throughout the class to ensure pair programming and collaboration. From a professional software engineer's perspective, pair programming is such a vital key to learning. The instructor understands the benefits of pair programming and also assists the small groups when needed. The course overall is incredible. If you come into the class with a passion for blockchain and some prior knowledge of JavaScript, you will be writing a similar review upon completion of the course.
Patrick Loughrey